What is GSM and why does it matter?

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GSM stands for "grams per square meter," and it is a measure of the weight and thickness of paper.

It is a standard unit of measurement used in the paper and printing industry to specify the weight of paper and other materials.

The higher the GSM, the heavier and thicker the paper. Typically, paper with a higher GSM is considered to be more durable and higher quality. A paper with a low GSM, on the other hand, is considered to be lightweight and thin.

Here are some examples of GSM for different types of paper:

Copier paper:

typically around 80-90 GSM.

Bond paper:

typically around 90-110 GSM.


typically around 110-140 GSM.

Cover stock:

typically around 200-300 GSM.


typically around 300-600 GSM.

The GSM of a paper can be an important factor to consider when selecting the right paper for a specific project, it can affect the final look of the printed material and the durability of the final product.

For example, a business card or a postcard should have a higher gsm than a flyer or a brochure, to have a better feel and look. A heavier paper is also preferred for a book cover or a product package as it gives a sense of quality.