Sticker Printing 101

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Sticker printing is a fun way to decorate laptops, lamposts, drink flasks and more. Whether you're looking for stickers that showcase your brand, band or artwork, there are plenty of options available online.

Choose the Right Type of Stickers.

There are two main types of stickers: paper and vinyl. Paper stickers are made from, well paper and have an adhesive peel and stick backer that you remove before applying. Vinyl stickers are made from a durable material and can be cut into any shape. Both types of stickers come in different sizes and shapes. You'll also find them in various colors, materials, and designs.

Decide on the Number of Copies You Need.

If you're planning to print a lot of stickers, consider how many copies you need.

Are you going to stick your stickers all over town? Or give them away with orders or an event? Depending on how you plan on using your stickers will help you decide how many stickers you need.

Select the Best Sticker Material.

There are several different kinds of sticker material available for sticker printing. You'll want to choose between paper, vinyl, neon, metallic and holographic options. Paper stickers are often used for products and can be recycled. Neon and metallic finishes are ideal for high-impact graphics and designs. Holographic stickers catch the light for a spectacular sheen. They're perfect for creating eye-catching designs.

Determine the Shape of your stickers

Once you've decided what kind of paper or vinyl stock you'd like to use, you need to determine what shape you would like your sticker to be. You can choose what size you'd like. Most stickers on lamposts or guitars would be 8 to 10 cm in size. You can choose from square, rectangular or square shapes as standard. If you want to get really creative, you can choose a custom shape and your sticker can be die cut in any shape you'd like.

Order Your Stickers Online

You can order stickers online from a variety of printers. Look out for price, quality, shipping times and location of printer. If you are in the UK or Europe, Awesome Merchandise is a great option for sticker printing. You can select from special offers across a lot of sticker products and materials to make your own stickers.