Custom Enamel Pins

Do you want to turn your digital art into amazing wearable art? If so, why not click here and browse our high-quality custom enamel pin badges and packs.

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Here at Awesome Merch, we have high-quality custom enamel pin badges and packs, which can be personalised with either your artwork or any desired text made to your requirements. Our custom enamel pin badges are available in both soft and hard enamel and can turn your digital art into wearable art allowing your fans to show off your designs on backpacks, jackets or caps! Larger runs of soft and hard enamel pins are also great to use as promotional giveaways or small rewards for charity fundraising. Unsure which to go for? Check out our blog post for more information on the difference between hard and soft enamel. If you have already made your mind up, then click your choice of custom enamel pin below and find out how you can make your artwork wearable today: