A5 Full Colour Zines

Custom printed A5 zines - available from 8 up to 48 pages.

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Once you've completed the checkout process and uploaded your artwork, our Artwork team sets each order up manually. If we have any questions about your artwork, we'll drop you an email so please keep an eye out.

Page Dimensions
Page Setup Size: 15.2 cm x 21.4 cm 
Finished Print Size: 14.8 cm x 21 cm

The starting point and most important aspect of a printing job is your design. 
Making sure that your artwork file is sent across to us correctly is crucial...

Colour Format: CMYK
File Format: Multipage .PDF - The file should contain all the pages you wish to be printed in your comic. Remember to put them in the correct order starting with the outer cover. Click here to view a guide on how to create a multipage .pdf in Adobe InDesign 
File Resolution: 300dpi

A few tips to get awesome results...
  1. Create your artwork with the resolution at 300dpi - the larger and clearer your file is, the better the end result when printed.  Please note, we don’t accept 72dpi files as they are not adequate to create a quality job.
  2. Ensure your design is set up to the correct size and proportions (see above) - make sure you set it up to the artwork size, as this includes bleed which gets cut down to the finished size when printed.
  3. Choose contrasting colours to produce eye-catching zines that stand out!

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Better than what I expected


I just want to applaud this team! My 44-page zine has such high quality! I have never printed a zine before so this was a new experience for me. I’d suggest that future customers definitely make sure your bleeds are right and in the dimensions they give in the artwork template. This will help you— along with having a thoroughly edited work beforehand of course.

As for the physical texture, the zine’s paper weight is quite substantive for a zine—not flimsy or too papery like regular copy paper. It carries with the casuality of a booklet with a zine’s attitude and I LOVE that.

I’ve brought my zine with me in errands for a few days somce receiving it and the cover’s ink has not been compromised from contact with other objects.

Furthermore, my zine is quite heavy on photography and all the photos came out with sharp detail and vivid color—good on ya, Awesome!!! This was especially important to me as I am both a writer and photographer. Being such this print option turned out to be such an alignment for me.

Also the zine size? Perfect.

Awesome’s zine printing made really gave my work the quality it deserves—I’m grateful THIS is my first zine experience.

As for the binding, I wasn’t sure what to expect with staples but I am SO PLEASED with how sturdy it is. Holding my zine and looking through it is a pleasant page-turning experience which was also important to me with regards to the binding.

The Awesome team (Callum, Lorren, Lauren, Louise...) worked very diligently and patiently with me, giving me great suggestions to make my zine as *Awesome* as possible. From binding to paper quality to printed photography, I’m very pleased.

I would absolutely recommend this service from AwesomeMerchandise and will be printing my second edition with them!!