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Hello friends!

How’s it going? It’s all going swimmingly at Awesome Merch, which is quite apt because we have a sea of new products to tell you all about. Unfortunately we don’t print on armbands yet, or this would’ve been the best start to a blog yet. So why not make yourself a cup of tea, get some sort of chocolate biscuit in your gob and enjoy the next couple of minutes looking at pictures without me prattling on… well maybe just a little.



We’ve just launched the Beechfield option and the premium Yupoong option. Three more caps will be coming in the Spring. We can embroider, flock, puff and screen print caps. That sounds painful.


Again, there’s two major options with the Varsity Jacket and the College Jacket. The only real difference is that the Varsity jackets have contrasting sleeves. If I was a terrible person, I’d say they look ‘snazzy.’ I’m not though.


We’ve had a few people say: “Wow, they’re really expensive, this sucks” etc. This made Luke Hodson and I annoyed (boo hoo) because a) Our prices are as low as we can afford them to be and b) It’s cheaper to buy an AA shirt with a print on from us than it is to buy a blank one from retail. More AA stuff coming soon! LOTS OF IT.


We’ve been going on about these for a while now, but we can now embroider beanies. Ideal for the current climate and super smart to boot.  We can create designs with up to 12 colours!


The only annoying thing about these awesome sweatshirts are that they remind me of that woamn from Eastenders. Other than that, these are a great alternative to American Apparel.


We’ve also got two options (with more coming) in the hoody department. The zip-free college hoody and the currently popular zipped option.

You have to admit, that’s a lot of new products to digest. I can also tell you, that a lot more are coming this year. We told you 2013 was going to be AWESOME.

Jhon x

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PS: We can also offer you CMYK screen printing. There’s more info right here.


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